aop orphan

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We at AOP Orphan are European pioneers in the field of Orphan Diseases. We research, develop, produce, and distribute innovative solutions for Rare Diseases worldwide since 1996. AOP Orphan has acquired excellent expertise and developed a solid market presence thanks to its long-term experience. The fact that the company is privately owned ensures long-term commitment, high quality and continuity.

AOP Orphan is also the sole provider of key therapies for a number of highly specialized indications. AOP Orphan experts work closely with leading health care professionals on an international level. This enables them to respond quickly to new findings as well as to push both research and development projects forward. In the course of doing so, AOP Orphan can call upon a global network of qualified partners and, with the help of these strategic alliances, is able to compete with top pharmaceutical companies.

Our motivation at AOP Orphan is to help patients who suffer from rare diseases. We achieve this cooperating with stakeholders of the Middle East health care system. Partnerships within pharmaceutical and health care industry are crucial for finding and providing solutions for patients, especially in the treatment of orphan diseases