Faculty Members (Alphabetical)

Abdullah M. Aldalaan, MD
Chairman, the 15th Annual Conference of
Saudi Association for Pulmonary Hypertension (SAPH2022)
President, Saudi Association for Pulmonary Hypertension
Consultant, Pulmonary Medicine
Director, Pulmonary Hypertension Program
Lung Health Center
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ayman A. H. Farghaly, MD
Professor of Pulmonology,
Military Medical Academy
Director of PH Programme
Air Forces Specialized Hospital
& International Medical Center
Cairo, Egypt

Fayez K. Alahmadi, MD
Consultant, Pulmonary Medicine,
Pulmonary Hypertension and Balloon
Pulmonary Angioplasty,
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
National Hospital Organization
Okayama Medical Center, Okayama, Japan
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and RC
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Nazzareno Galiè, MD
Full Professor of Cardiology Chief of Cardiology,
IRCCS-S.Orsola University Hospital, Bologna
Director, Post-graduate School of Cardiovascular Diseases
Alma Mater Studiorum, University of Bologna
Bologna, Italy

Faiqa Imtiaz Ahmad, PhD
Senior Clinical Scientist,
Clinical Genomics,Centre for
Genomic Medicine, King Faisal Specialist
Hospital & Research Centre,
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Bader J. Alghamdi, MD
Consultant, Pulmonary Medicine, Pulmonary
Hypertension, and Clinical Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
Assistant Professor in King Saud bin Abdulaziz
University for Health Sciences (KSAU-HS)
Section Head of Respirology and Director of
Respirology Fellowship Training Program
Ministry of National Guard
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Ragdah Hussain Arif, MD, FRCPC, ABIM
Consultant Pulmonologist and
Pulmonary HTN Consultant
Assistant Professor, King Abdulaziz
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Badr R. Al-Ghamdi, MD
Professor and Consultant Pulmonologist
Department of Medicine
College of Medicine, King Khalid University
Abha, Saudi Arabia

Nasser Al Busaidi, MBBS, FRCP (UK), FRCPI
Senior Consultant Pulmonologist
Department of Medicine, Royal Hospital
Sultanate of Oman
President, Oman Respiratory Society
Muscat, Oman

Prof. Hossein Ardeschir Ghofrani, MD
Professor, Pulmonary Vascular Research,
Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany
Head, Pulmonary Hypertension Division,
Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute
University Hospital in Giessen
Giessen, Germany

Saleh Aldammas, MD
Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine
Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine,
Prince Sultan Military Medical City
Associate Professor, Alfaisal Medical School
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Nawal Al Gubaisi, MD, SSC-Med, SF-PD
Consultant Pulmonologist
Pulmonary Hypertension Specialist
The Head of Pulmonary Medicine Unit
King Fahad Medical Military Complex
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Manal Al-Hazmi, MD, MSHA, FCCP, FACP
Consultant, Adult Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
Specialized in Internal Medicine
King Fahad Specialist Hospital
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Irene M. Lang, MD
Clinical Cardiologist
Professor of Vascular Biology
Department of Cardiology
AKH-Vienna, Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Prof. Luke Howard, MA, MB, BChir, DPhil, FRCP
Consultant Pulmonologist, Hammersmith Hospital,
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London
Honorary Senior Lecturer,
National Heart & Lung Institute
London, United Kingdom

Prof. Sanjay Mehta, MDCM, FRCP(C)
Director, Southwest Ontario Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic
London Health Sciences Centre
Professor of Medicine
Centre for Critical Illness Research
Lawson Health Research Institute
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
Eternal PHriend / Past-Chair / Founding Board Member PHA
Ontario, Canada

Prof. Marc Humbert, MD, PhD
Université Paris-Saclay
Director of the Department of Respiratory
and Intensive Care Medicine
French Pulmonary Hypertension Reference Center
Hôpital Bicêtre, Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris
President, European Respiratory Society
Paris, France

Khalid Al Najashi, MD, MBBS
Consultant, Interventional ACHD and
Pediatric Cardiology
Prince Sultan Cardiac Center
Prince Sultan Military Medical City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

David Jenkins, MS, FRCS(CTh)
Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Director of UK
Pulmonary Endarterectomy Programme
Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridge
Cambridge, UK

Prof. Anton Vonk Noordegraaf, MD
Full Professor & Chair, Division of
Pulmonary Sciences,
Amsterdam University Medical Center
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Prof. Majdy Idrees, MD, FRCPC, FPVRI
Head, Pulmonary Vascular Unit
Prince Sultan Military Medical City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Abdulrahman Alrajhi, MD, MPH, FIDSA, FACP
Consultant, Infectious Diseases,
Department of Medicine
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Abdullah M. Alkhodair, MD, FRCPC
Consultant, Interventional Cardiology /
Pulmonary Hypertension
Adult Cardiology Program Director
King Fahad Medical City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hani Sabbour, MD, FACC, FHRS, FASE
Consultant Cardiologist
Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Prof. Nick H. Kim, MD
Professor of Medicine
Section Chief, Pulmonary Vascular Medicine
Medical Director, PTE Program
Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine
University of California, San Diego
California, USA

Prof. Olivier Sitbon, MD, PhD
Professor of Respiratory Medicine,
Pulmonary Hypertension Reference Center (PulmoTension)
Department of Respiratory and Intensive Care Medicine
Bicêtre Hospital, Paris-Saclay University
Le Kremlin-Bicêtre, France

Hussam Sakkijha, MD
Consultant, Pulmonary,
Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Omar Al Tamimi, MD
Chairman, Scientific Committee
Consultant, Pediatric Cardiology
King Salman Heart Center
King Fahad Medical City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mnahi Bin Saeedan, MD
Cardiothoracic Radiologist,
King Faisal Specialist Hospital
and Research Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Jean-Luc Vachiéry, MD
Clinical Professor of Cardiology,
Director, Pulmonary Vascular Diseases and
Heart Failure Clinic,
Hôpital Erasme – Cliniques
Universitaires de Bruxelles
Brussels, Belgium

Shaya Ahmed Alshaya, MD
Consultant Adult Pulmonary, Pulmonary Hypertension
Program Director, Adult Pulmonary Fellowship Program
Co-director, Internal Medicine Residency Program,
Adult Pulmonary Section, Medical Specialties Department,
King Fahad Medical City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Badr Alzahrani, MD, FACC
Consultant Interventional Cardiology
American Board of Internal medicine,
Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology,
Prince Sultan Cardiac Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mostafa Elshazly, MD
Chairman, Respiratory Crtical Care Unit
Kasr AlAnyini School of Medicine,
Cairo University
Cairo, Egypt

Mai Alzaydi, PhD
Research Assistant Professor,
In Mitochondrial, Vascular Biology and Nanomedicine
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Yuriy M. Sirenko, MD, PhD
Professor and Head of Department
National Scientific Center M.D.
Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology
Kyiv, Ukraine

Hazzaa Alzahrani, MD
Head, Adult Hematology/HSCT, Oncology Centre,
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Imran Y. Nizami, MD
Consultant, Lung Transplant Section
Organ Transplant Center
King Faisal Hospital and Research Centre
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Abdallah M. Alasiri, MD
Consultant Pulmonology and Internal Medicine,
Head of Respiratory and TB unit,
Director of GIM Training Program,
Aseer Central Hospital
Abha, KSA

Maria Paz B. Mateo, MD
Consultant, Pulmonary Medicine
Philippines Heart Center
Manila, Philippines

Ashari Bin Yunus, MD
Consultant, Pulmonary Medicine
Institut Jantung Negara, National Heart Institute
Chairman, Malaysian Clinical Practice Guidelines
on Management of PAH
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ahmed Krimly, MD
Consultant, Adult Congenital
Heart Disease and Interventional Cardiology,
King Faisal Cardiac Center,
King Abdul Aziz Medical City
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Bader Alsaiari, MD
Consultant, Pulmonary Medicine
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Essam AlHarbi, RCP, PFT
Pulmonary Function Technologist
Respiratory Care Service
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and
Research Centre
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hamdia M. Zaytoun, RN
Clinical Specialist,
Pulmonary Hypertension Program
Lung Health Center
King Faisal Specialist Hospital &
Research Centre
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Prof. Talantbek M. Sooronbaev, MD
Chief Pulmonologist, Ministry of Health Kyrgyz Republic
Head of Respiratory Medicine, Intensive Care,
and Sleep Medicine Department at National
Center of Cardiology and Internal Medicine(NCCIM)
Head of International Primary Care Respiratory
Group (IPCRG) Team
National Coordinator, Global Alliance for
Respiratory Disease (GARD, WHO)
President of Kyrgyz Thoracic Society (KTS)
National Coordinator, FRESH AIR Study
Chief Scientific Coordinator of Euro-Asian Respiratory Society
Head of Kyrgyz-Swiss High Altitude Research Center
Co-Chair, Central Asia PVRI Task Force (CAPH)
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Seham Alrashidi, MD
Consultant Rheumatology
Member, Internal Medicine Residency Program Committee
Member, Malpractice/ Ethical Committee
Prince Sultan Military Medical City
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Stephanie Barwick, MBA, FRSA
Chief Executive Officer
Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI)
London, UK